What If Adolf Hitler Won Ww2

What if Adolf Hitler Won WW2?

According to experts, if Adolf Hitler had been successful in winning World War II, the world would have seen the most terrible and oppressive totalitarian regime of modern times. The victorious Hitler would have become the “Führer” of all Europe, the arbiter of foreign policies and the absolute dictator of many countries, not only Germany.
The World War II outcomes were highly influenced by the politics implemented by Hitler. Before the beginning of the war, Hitler managed to make Nazi Germany one of the strongest powers in Europe by isolating it from any potential allies and taking control of several regions – plans he started carrying out early on in his second term as Reich Chancellor.
These politics resulted in the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939, in which the two powers agreed to a division of the European continent, with each of them occupying different regions. This pact is highly criticized by historians, as it allowed Hitler to easily create an alliance with certain countries in Eastern Europe, and eventually conquer vast territories.
In addition, Nazi Germany’s anti-Semitism created a great divide between the German people and the Jews. The Nazis advocated for the mass deportation of Jews from German-controlled territories and even from Germany itself. As a result, massive persecutions of the Jews began – another critical factor in the war’s outcome.
Hitler had much to do with this. He believed that the Jewish people were subhuman, and that they had no right to exist in a “pure” German state. As a result, he began implementing a series of anti-Semitic policies, such as the Nuremberg Laws and the Holocaust. If he had won the war, it is likely that these oppressive measures would have continued, and that the Jews would have suffered even more horrifically.
What’s more, Hitler’s policies caused many countries to be annexed and subjugated to German rule. In his long-term plan for the New Order, Hitler sought to expand Nazi Germany’s influence over Europe and beyond. He sought to create a Greater Germany controlled by the Reich, in which all members of the Germanic “master race” would be united under one banner. This would have resulted in the ethnic cleansing of many countries, as well as the establishment of a single, Nazi-protected racial hierarchy in Europe.
Finally, the ideology of Nazism itself would have spread far and wide if Hitler had succeeded in his plans. National Socialism was already a powerful force before the war and, in the event of Nazi Germany’s victory, would have become the dominant political and cultural ideology of Europe.

Economic State of Europe

The economic state of Europe would have been severely affected, perhaps even reshaped, if Hitler had won. It is likely that the economies of Germany, Italy and the other countries in the Axis would have suffered, due to the consequences of their war efforts, as well as the loss of many of their resources and industries due to their military conquests. In addition, the economies of countries in Western and Eastern Europe would have been subject to Nazi economic policies, leading to inequality and poverty due to the massive exploitation of resources and labor.
Furthermore, the German war machine would have left the economies of Europe heavily indebted and struggling. Despite the devastation caused by the bombings and other combat operations, Nazi Germany was determined to keep its economy going, and would have imposed harsh economic regulations on the European countries – something that would have led to even more social and economic deprivation.

Cultural Impact

Europe’s culture too would have been heavily changed if Hitler had won the war. The Nazis sought to impose and propagate the ideology of National Socialism throughout Europe, effectively destroying any sense of national identity. In the eradication of the traditional values and beliefs of different nationalities, Hitler and his regime hoped to create a new, unified Germanic identity.
The Nazis sought to control the media and manipulate public opinion, as well as to spread their ideology through coercive measures, thus eliminating any forms of opposition as well as opposition to Nazi policies. Furthermore, the education system would have been completely reshaped, according to Nazi standards, with all books and literature being censored and controlled by the Nazi party.
Moreover, arts and culture would have been heavily impacted by the victory of the Third Reich. The works of artists, writers and musicians would have been rejected and censored, as the Nazis sought to promote the “Aryan culture”. The vibrant culture of Europe, which served as a source of great inspiration for many generations, would have been silenced.

Biological Catastrophe

The impact of Hitler’s victory on science would also have been devastating. With Hitler’s obsession with a “Master Race”, his plans for a “pure Aryan people” would have meant a biological disaster. This would have put a massive strain on the medical and scientific professionals of the time, and led to massive expenditures of resources in order to try to create a “perfect race”.
The efforts of scientists in Nazi Germany were already focused on developing new, unethical human experiments – experiments that would have been more widespread and accepted if Hitler had won. These experiments, which included massive human testing and torture, were already carried out on prisoners of war and disabled individuals, and would have been even more extreme if the Nazis had won.

Political Reprecussions

The political repercussions of a Nazi victory would have been extreme. Countries in Western and Eastern Europe, such as France and Poland, would likely have been divided into German-controlled administrative units with their own laws and regulations. Similarly, the countries in the Soviet Union would have become puppet states under the control of the Nazis – something that would have resulted in massive human rights violations in those countries.
Furthermore, the democratic systems of Europe would have been replaced by a single, oppressive, authoritarian regime. With Hitler’s manipulation of the media and his control of the economy, his regime could have easily become the dominant force in Europe. It is likely that the international community would have been completely reshaped if Hitler had won, with all countries slowly becoming pawns in his grand plan for the world.

Military Implications

Perhaps the most drastic impacts of a Nazi victory would have been the military implications. With the Nazis’ superiority in technology, tactics and organization, the German forces would have been able to control vast territories and populations without much difficulty. This would have allowed them to rapidly expand their control beyond the borders of Europe, and put many more nations under their rule.
Furthermore, Hitler’s grand plan for the world would have meant that Nazi Germany would become the only world power. They would have had unparalleled military and technological might, and with it the capacity to challenge any other nation. This would have forced the rest of the world to live under the constant threat of invasion and domination, leaving them powerless to stand up to the Nazis.

Psychological Effects

A Nazi victory would have had immense psychological effects on the European citizens. Under the control of the Nazis, individuals would have been deprived of their basic rights – rights that were enshrined in the constitutions of many countries. As a result, citizens of Europe would have been living in constant fear of the extreme actions of the Third Reich.
The psychological effects of the Nazi victory would have been felt by generations to come – the effects of oppression, censorship and violence would have been long-lasting. The memories of the war and its atrocities would have been inescapable, leading to immense psychological trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Nazi regime.

Religious Impact

The Nazis were also deeply hostile towards religions, particularly Christianity. They believed that Christianity fostered feelings of divisiveness and a sense of unity among the “enemies” of the Third Reich, thus making it an enemy itself. As a result, if Hitler had won the war, it is likely that he would have implemented oppressive measures against any religious group, resulting in the persecution and even martyrdom of many believers.
Furthermore, the Nazis would have sought to replace the religious beliefs of Europe with those of the Third Reich. With powerful propaganda tools and constant claims of Nazi superiority, Hitler would have been successful in imposing his beliefs on the people of Europe, leading to the complete dismantling of traditional religious systems and the rise of a Nazi-centric belief system.

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