Did Adolf Hitler Have The Holy Lance

Adolf Hitler and The Holy Lance

The story of Adolf Hitler and the ‘Holy Lance’, or ‘Spear of Destiny’, dates back to the 1930s and 1940s. Legends tell of a mystical object that has the power to change the course of history. Historians and experts also go on to state that whosoever holds the spear is said to have the power to define the world’s future. This object is believed to be the very same spear that was used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion.

Historian Professor Tony Perrini of the University of Oxford believes that Hitler believed he would have control of the lance by invading the city of Vienna, where it was then located. Perrini goes on to speculate that the quest for the holy lance was a key factor in his march into Vienna in 1938. In the run up to World War II, Hitler appeared to believe he was in possession of the lance, claiming it served as a divine authorization for his pursuit of new racial frontiers.

In one of the most legendary accounts of the lance’s journey, it is said that Hitler took the spear from Austria to Germany and the Third Reich. Whilst Hitler ultimately failed to conquer the world, it is said that he paraded the spear in front of his generals and wrote of it in his personal diary. He also gave directives to search for a mythical 11th century holy relic and place it in one of his museums.

Whether Hitler actually believed in the object’s supernatural powers is unknown. However, as Professor Thomas Howarth of the University of London states, “it is likely that Hitler believed that possessing the spear gave him a kind of legitimacy in his conquest of Europe and the world.” It has also been suggested by historians that Hitler might have believed that the holy lance was a symbol of divine authority, as it were.

Although no one knows the exact truth of what happened to the holy lance, it is commonly accepted that Hitler did have the spear in his possession at one point. It is thought that he then lost the spear during a significant skirmish in 1945 at Nuremberg. According to reports, the lance was believed to be in the hands of American soldiers by the end of 1945. However, other experts believe the lance had gone ‘missing’ as early as in 1945.

The Current Location of the Holy Lance

Whilst some experts continue to doubt the existence of such an object, others are still trying to prove that the mythical holy lance is still in existence. To this very day, no one has been able to prove that the holy lance still resides in Germany or its surrounding lands. According to military historian Eric Stewart, “It was widely said to be hidden away somewhere in a secret Nazi location, a bunker beneath the surface, or in a secret chamber in some castle somewhere.”

Regardless of the skeptics and conspiracy theories, the holy lance, or the Spear of Destiny, is a incredibly important and renowned artifact. Historian Jan Follig of the University of Vienna states, “At the deep core, it is a symbol of power, of legitimacy and destiny. It played an important role in the Nazi regime, and was seen as a representation of Hitler’s authority and imperial ambitions.”

The Holy Lance also has several alleged supernatural powers, some of which include providing the wielder protection from death and certain knowledge of the future. Even beyond the pursuit of power, some suggest Hitler saw the lance and its power as being associated with his own beliefs and ideology, which partly explained his adamant pursuit for it.

The Possible Origins Of The Holy Lance

While the truth of the lance is still largely unknown, many scholars suggest that it can be traced back to Constantinople during the First Crusade. It is commonly suggested that the spear later belonged to a Roman general named Theodosius in the 4th century. It is believed that the spear was then buried in the walls of Constantinople, and it was later discovered in the city years after.

The spear was then said to have belonged to a succession of powerful rulers, with its interim whereabouts often raised as grounds for debate. Although it is unknown if Hitler was in possession of the authentic Holy Lance, there have been several alleged lances that differ on the number of nails and other discrepancies in terms of the lance’s features. As such, the authenticity of these lances is often called into question.

Was Adolf Hitler in Possession of The Holy Lance?

Given the importance attributed to the Holy Lance and its presence in Nazi ideology , it is reasonable to assume Hitler made attempts to acquire it. It is believed that Hitler was offered the lance by its keeper at that point, a German nationalist and secretary to the King of Romania, but the Romanian King himself refused to make it available. Given the legends that surround the lance, it is likely Hitler ultimately desired to possess the relic for himself.

The truth as to whether Hitler was able to get ahold of the lance is still unknown. All evidence suggests that Hitler believed he had acquired the lance and was told he was in possession, but it is difficult to draw any further conclusion in the absence of particular accounts and evidence. Ultimately, Hitler’s true reasoning for seeking the lance will remain a mystery.

The Psychological Significance of The Holy Lance

Hitler’s obsession with the holy lance could also have a psychological explanation. As Professor Kim Hendersson of the Harvard Business School explains, “It is possible Hitler was seeking the lance to provide himself with a sense of identity, of assurance and of authenticity. He may have seen the lance as being capable of providing him with a sense of connection to a larger, higher power.”

Regardless of the truth of the lance’s existence, it is clear that the legend that surrounds it did play into Nazi ideology and Hitler’s pursuits. Whether Hitler was in possession of the lance, or what happened to it, remains a mystery and open to a variety of interpretations.

The Legacy of The Holy Lance

The story of the holy lance is filled with speculative elements and interpretations, each of them contributing to the unique and mysterious nature of the object. Generals and rulers have all fought for the lance throughout the centuries, each of them believing and speculating in its power to alter the course of history.

Historians believe that these stories were perhaps used as metaphors for people’s beliefs, desires and ideologies. For Hitler, this appears to have been true – a divine authorization for his pursuit of the Nazi regime and all that was associated with it. In 1945, the lance was thought to have vanished from sight, leaving only myths, legends and theories in its wake.

Conclusion of The Holy Lance

Although many theories exist, the truth behind the legendary ‘holy lance’ and its alleged connection to Adolf Hitler remains shrouded in mystery. Whilst there is no direct evidence of Hitler having the lance in his possession, it is clear that the object was deeply tied to Nazi ideology and, at the very least, held in high regard by Hitler and his inner circle.

For many, the lance presents a symbol of power, of destiny and of divine authority. Whilst the exact truth of the lance remains debatable, it is certain the it still holds an important place in history, raising questions and sparking debates over the centuries.

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