Did Adolf Hitler Have A Micropenis

Did Adolf Hitler Have a Micropenis?

The question of whether or not Adolf Hitler had a micropenis has been a topic of heated debate for many years. Though it is unknown whether or not Hitler truly had a micropenis, this article will provide an overview of some of the aspects of Hitler’s life that may point to his having a micropenis or other genital condition.
Hitler is known to have obsessively kept track of his health and medical developments throughout his life. It is known that he underwent multiple medical checkups, including the Court Physician of the Royal Bavarian Army in 1919 and the Viennese army physician Dr. Edmund Heess in 1924. Furthermore, a number of people who knew Hitler personally commented on his genitals and possible genital abnormalities.
Some have said that Hitler was ashamed of his genitals, refusing to undress in front of others and obsessively cleanse and groom himself on a daily basis. His closest confidant and doctor, Dr. Theodor Morell, reportedly had to examine and treat Hitler’s genitals multiple times.
Dr. Heess, the court physician for royalties in Bavaria also noted that Hitler’s genitals were notably smaller than what was typical among the males of the time in Europe. This may be, in part, due to the fact that Hitler was born with a condition known as hypospadias, where the urethral opening is not located at the tip of the penis, but rather is located somewhere along the underside of the penis.

Wolfgang Gerlich’s Experiences

One of the most interesting stories related to Hitler’s potential micropenis comes from journalist Wolfgang Gerlich. Gerlich, who was imprisoned and tested after World War II, was subjected to medical examinations during his interrogation to determine if he was mentally fit for trial.
As reported in court documents, Gerlich had said, “Dr. Morell would not remove his pants. I had the impression that Hitler had a contraction of the penis or a micropenis.” Historian H.R. Trevor-Roper also noted that Hitler’s “sexual apparatus” was “not normal.”

Hitler’s Selft-Portrayal

Another argument in favour of the theory that Hitler may have had a micropenis comes from the fact that he was an ardent self-promoter and rarely portrayed himself with his shirt off. This is an odd symptom for someone who was famously known for their opinionated sense of style.
Furthermore, Hitler was known to keep a strict regimen of both diet and exercise, in addition to dressing in layers. These behaviours could also be further evidences of someone self-conscious of their physical acting in multiple ways to hide it.

The Impacts of Hitler’s Reigned Power

Finally, it is worth noting that the physical effects of power can sometimes impact the size and shape of a man’s penis. In Hitler’s case the effects of the supreme power he held may have caused the penis to shrink in size.
In addition, with so much power under his control it was rarely questioned why Hitler continually kept his physical well-being and medical appointments a secret. It seems plausible that these could all criteria could be further proof to the theory that he had a micropenis.

Nazi Eugenics and Medical Experiments That Were Undertaken

In the early days of Hitler’s reign, his focus on promoting a healthy Aryan master race meant that eugenics was a central theme throughout Nazi Germany. This was evidenced by their rampant forced sterilization program and the medical experiments undertaken on prisoners of war.
The German government used eugenics as a means to select and breed only those individuals with the desirable traits and to eliminate or diminish those that were undesirable. In addition to this, they developed a vast array of medical procedures and surgeries to help with genetic improvement and physical deformity.
Given the full spread of eugenic experiments, it is certainly possible that Hitler may have had his own genitalia modified in order to conform to what he saw as the height of perfection in the Aryan race. This could provide further proof to the theory that he had a micropenis.

The Uncertanity Over This Topic

Though there is evidence that Hitler had a micropenis, in reality what we actually may never know for certain. Its unlikely that any medical records from his lifetime that would validate or deny this theory still exist. What we are left with are fragments of evidence and varying accounts of those who knew him personally that could further lend to this theory.

Other Possible Conditions Related To Hitler’s Genitals

In addition to a potential micropenis, Hitler may have had a number of other conditions related to his genitals including an issue known as cryptorchidism. This is the condition of having an undescended testicle, which was potentially an issue of personal insecurity for Hitler.
Furthermore, throughout his life, Hitler was known to have chronic abdominal pain and cramps. As these symptoms could potentially be related to an issue with his genitals, this could also provide further proof to the theory that he had a micropenis or other genital abnormality.

The Impact of Hitler’s Potential Abnormalities

Though debate on this topic will most likely go on, what we can say for certain is that this theory certainly has a huge impact on the way in which Hitler is viewed today. Many have argued that Hitler’s alleged micropenis serves as an example of how someone with an overwhelming sense of insecurity and a damaged sense of self-worth can take power and feel empowered by it.

Rumors and Reaction of People Close to Hitler

In addition to the medical evidence, there are a number of other theories regarding Hitler’s genitals that may provide further insight into the question of whether or not he had a micropenis. It has been suggested, for example, that his sister Paula Wolf, as well as his lover and eventual wife Eva Braun, both made comments about the small size of his genitals.
Furthermore, others have speculated that Hitler may have suffered from a hormonal imbalance that triggered his increasingly erratic behavior and rages throughout the Second World War.


Though the actual answer to the question of whether Hitler had a micropenis remains unknown, there is certainly a variety of evidence to support this theory. From Hitler’s strict self-promotion regimes to the rampant eugenic experiments conducted during the regime, there is a compelling argument to be made that he may have had a micropenis or other genital abnormality.

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