Are There Surviving Relatives Of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a powerful, fearsome and often fearful leader, who led Germany as its dictator and Nazi party leader from 1933 to 1945. Hitler is known to have played a key role in World War II, and his actions have been studied and debated for decades. He was known to have been a proponent of the Nazi cause, which culminated in the Holocaust and the deaths of millions of people. So what happened to his relatives and are there surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler today? This article will look at the various relatives of the Nazi leader, and attempt to answer the question of whether there are any surviving members of Hitler’s family.

Adolf Hitler had two surviving siblings—Paula and Edmund—and two surviving half siblings—Alois Jr. and Angela Raubal. He had no children of his own. However, his siblings and half siblings had families of their own, and Hitler was also said to have been close to his nephews and nieces. It is believed that his nephews and nieces, who were the children of his siblings and half siblings, are the sole living relatives of Hitler today.

Hitler’s elder brother, Alois Jr., married Klara Pölzl, and had six children, of whom three—William, Heinz, and Marie—survived to adulthood. William was reportedly the favorite grandnephew of Hitler, who was said to have been very close to him. Heinz died at the age of 30, and accounts from his family say that he had a difficult relationship with his uncle.

Hitler’s half sister, Angela Raubal, had two children, Geli and Alfred. Geli became Hitler’s beloved niece and was said to have reminded him of his mother. Sadly, Geli committed suicide in 1931, and her grave is located at the Church of Innsbruck. Alfred, her son, was later adopted by his uncle and changed his name to Adolf Hitler. Alfred later emigrated to the United States, and died in 1987.

Hitler’s sister, Paula, also had two children, Heinrich and Ursula. Heinrich was born in 1906, while his younger sister Ursula was born in 1910. They were the only two surviving children of Paula, and it appears that their father had left her shortly before they were born. Neither Heinrich nor Ursula are believed to have had any contact with their uncle Adolf. Heinrich died in the late 1940s, but Ursula is believed to be still alive today. She is now 95 years old, and is reportedly living in Germany.

The surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler have all kept a low profile in recent years, preferring to remain out of the public eye. Hitler’s surviving relatives have also kept silent about their family history, choosing not to comment on their infamous relative. It is believed that the surviving relatives of Hitler are aware of the shame and stigma attached to their family name, and have chosen to remain silent in order to distance themselves from it.

Immediate Family

Adolf Hitler himself never married or had any children, although he reportedly had an affair with his half-niece, Geli Raubal, who was the daughter of his half sister Angela Raubal. According to reports, his relationship with Geli was romantic, although she was far younger than him, and she ended up taking her own life. After the death of Geli, Hitler’s family members never allowed him to pursue romantic relationships again and were said to have kept a close watch over him.

Hitler’s immediate family members were all ardent supporters of the Nazi cause. His half-brother Alois Jr. and his children were often seen involved in Nazi activities, and even his own sister Paula was said to have been a sympathetic observer of the Nazi regime. Alois Jr. was even known to have written to Hitler praising his commitment to the cause, and expressing admiration for his work.

Current Thoughts

The debate of whether or not there are surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler is still an ongoing one, as the topic is still taboo and often seen as controversial. Many experts and historians are of the opinion that any surviving relatives of Hitler should be allowed to remain out of the public eye and anonymous, as it could be detrimental to their peace of mind and safety.

Hitler’s surviving relatives have all kept away from the public eye, and often speak out against their infamous family name. It has been reported that some relatives have even gone so far as to change their last names to avoid any association with the Nazi leader.

Long-term Affects

Adolf Hitler’s infamous name still carries a lot of shame and stigma with it, and his surviving relatives have had to live with this burden, long after his death. Not only are they subjected to public scrutiny and criticism, but they are also often seen as responsible for their uncle’s actions. This is despite the fact that none of the relatives had any hand in Hitler’s infamous reign.

Furthermore, reports suggest that the relatives of Hitler often face discrimination and are seen under a negative light. This is when they are revealed to be related to the Nazi leader, or when their surnames are linked to him. This is why many of Hitler’s surviving relatives choose to keep their identity and family history a secret.


A lot of research has been done on the surviving relatives of Hitler, with various historians and experts attempting to find the answer to this controversial question. Although there have been various attempts to find out if any of the relatives are still alive, the answer remains unclear. This is mostly due to the reluctance of the surviving relatives to speak out about their identities and family history.

Some experts believe that Hitler’s surviving relatives should remain anonymous, as it could be dangerous for them to speak out in public. Others believe that any surviving relatives should be allowed to speak their minds and express their views freely, without any fear of repercussions.

Result of the Research

The result of the research that has been done on the surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler is uncertain. It appears that there are some surviving relatives of the Nazi leader, most of whom are descendants of his half sister, Angela Raubal. However, the exact number of surviving relatives is unknown, and their identities remain largely a mystery. It appears that the surviving relatives of Hitler have all chosen to keep their family history a secret, and have chosen to live out of the public eye.

Privacy Respect

The debate of whether or not there are any surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler is an ongoing one, as the topic is still seen as taboo. No matter what side of the debate one takes, it is important to remember that any surviving relatives deserve to be respected, and should be allowed to remain anonymous and out of the public eye if they so choose. As it is clear that many of Hitler’s relatives are actively trying to distance themselves from their infamous family name, they should be allowed to do so without any fear of discrimination or backlash.


Although it is not possible to give a definite answer to the question of whether or not there are any surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler, it does seem that there are a few. These surviving relatives have all chosen to remain out of the public eye, and have rarely spoken out about their family history. It is important to remember that these relatives are innocent of their infamous relative’s actions, and deserve to be respected for the privacy of their identity.

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