Are There Similarities Between Adolf Hitler And Donald Trump

1. Background Information

In the past few years, many people have drawn comparisons between U.S. President Donald Trump and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. It is important to look at the facts before making any assumptions. Before we can delve into the comparison between Trump and Hitler, it is important to understand the background and life of Hitler, as well as Trump’s.
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in Austria-Hungary. In 1913, he moved to Germany and made a living as an architectural painter. On August 2nd, 1934, Hitler was appointed German Chancellor and then on August 19th of the same year was made dictator of Germany. During Hitler’s reign, he engaged in genocide against Jews, Sinti and Roma, homosexuals, disabled people and many other minorities. Over six million people were killed in the Holocaust alone, and Hitler was convicted of crimes against humanity after World War II.
Donald John Trump was born on June 14th, 1946. Trump became well known as the host of his own reality show “The Apprentice”. Trump made a transition into politics when he announced his candidacy for president in 2015. He was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, 2017.

2.Stances on Immigration

The policies proposed by Trump on immigration have become a big source of controversy in recent years. Trump’s immigration policies have been compared to those of Adolf Hitler’s. In 1938, Hitler passed the Nuremberg Laws which stripped Jews of their natural rights as citizens of Germany. Trump’s immigration policies have been criticized for similar reasons.
Trump has also proposed imposing travel bans on certain countries, which many claim is xenophobic and unfair. Hitler also approved laws that prevented Jews from travelling out of Germany. Trump’s travel bans have been called “discriminatory” by some.

3. Nationalism and Fascism

Nationalism is a strong focus in both Adolf Hitler’s and Donald Trump’s philosophy and policies. Hitler believed that Germans were a master race and sought to impose his ideas of racial purity on the country. Trump has also embraced a strongly nationalist agenda, with rhetoric that is often seen as exclusionary and divisive.
Trump’s critics have accused him of being a “fascist”, citing his tendency to ignore the norms of democracy and his often bellicose language. Hitler was also a fascist ruler, who used violent methods to maintain his authority and suppress his opponents.

4. Conflict with Media

Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump have also been compared in their attitude towards the media. Hitler regularly attacked the media and sought to discredit any opposing views. Trump has similarly gone after the press, calling some outlets “fake news” and accusing them of “spreading lies”. Both Hitler and Trump have also sought to limit the freedom of the press.

5. Rhetoric

There are also similarities between Hitler and Trump in their rhetoric. Hitler made frequent use of populist rhetoric in his speeches and sought to paint his opponents as enemies of the people. Similarly, Trump has made frequent use of populist rhetoric and has also attacked his opponents in a harsh manner.


Hitler and Trump also share similarities in their followers. Hitler had a strong base of supporters in the Nazi Party, who followed his every move and believed in his ideals. Similarly, Trump has a solid base of supporters who have remained loyal, despite the controversies surrounding his administration.

7. Influence

Another similarity between Hitler and Trump is the widespread influence both have had. Hitler was able to gain and maintain power due to his immense popularity in Germany. Trump’s base of supporters has also enabled him to remain in power and enact his policies.

8. Comparison of Platforms

When comparing the political platforms of Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, it is important to take into account their respective ideologies. Hitler believed in racial purity and a strong military, while Donald Trump has emphasized limited government, economic nationalism and border security. While their beliefs may differ, both have taken hardline positions on certain policies and sought to increase their power.

9. Lack of Empathy

A final comparison between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump can be observed in their lack of empathy. Both leaders have been criticized for their lack of compassion and inability to empathize with groups of people affected by their policies. Hitler’s Policies caused the death of millions of people, while Trump’s policies have faced similar criticism.

10. Economic Policies

Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump also share similarities in their economic policies. Hitler sought to boost the German economy by increasing military spending and enacting policies that lowered unemployment and increased industry. Trump has also proposed policies that would benefit the economy, such as tax cuts and regulatory reform. While their economic policies vary in scope, both have sought to reduce unemployment and government interference in the economy.

11. Homophobic Stereotypes

Hitler and Trump have also been compared in their views on homosexuality. Hitler sought to impose a strict “Aryan” ethical code on the German people, which included his view that homosexuality was an abomination. Donald Trump has also expressed homophobic views, such as calling homosexuality “sinful” and “immoral”.

12. Authoritarian Leadership Style

Another similarity between Hitler and Trump can be observed in their leadership styles. Both men have sought to centralize power in a strong executive office and have shown disregard for the opinions of their opponents. Hitler’s authoritarian style led to the suppression of dissidents, while Trump has also been criticized for his aggressive rhetoric and ability to ignore opposition.

13. Racism and Bigotry

Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump have both been accused of racism and bigotry. Hitler’s views on racial purity led to the death of millions of Jews and other minorities, while Trump has been criticized for his rhetoric targeting immigrants and other minority groups.

14. Use of Social Media

Trump and Hitler have also been linked in their use of social media to spread their views. Hitler used the radio and other forms of mass media to get his message across, while Trump has used Twitter to make his views known.

15. Conclusion

Though there are some similarities between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, it is important to recognize their differences. Hitler’s policies caused the deaths of millions, while Trump’s policies have been criticized for their impact on minorities and immigrants. It is also important to recognize the unique historical contexts in which each leader took office. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to make their own judgement regarding the similarities between Trump and Hitler.

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