A Smart Man Should Marry A Stupid Woman Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler was a German dictator who lived during the late 19th and early 20th-century. He was the mastermind behind World War II and is widely regarded as one of the most criminal and destructive figures in history. Hitler’s approach to relationships was drastically different from that of the average person and his views on marriage have been heavily debated for decades. In particular, the notion that a ‘smart man should marry a stupid woman’ has been especially controversial. This article will explore this controversial statement and delve deeper into Hitler’s beliefs and ideas about marriage.

Hitler’s Beliefs About Marriage

Hitler’s views on marriage and relationships have been studied in depth by historians and analysts. According to several biographers, Adolf Hitler had strongly believed that men should be smarter than their female partners. He thought that men were naturally superior to women and that they should hold positions of power and authority over them. Hence, it was his view that a man should marry a woman who is less intelligent or less educated than him.
Hitler believed that a relationship between a smart man and a stupid woman would be much more harmonious and less likely to experience problems. He also theorized that if a woman is less intelligent than her husband, she’ll be more likely to obey his commands and comply with his wishes.

Arguments For

Supporters of this view believe that it is perfectly natural for men to have higher intelligence and more impressive academic credentials than women. They argue that from a practical standpoint, it is beneficial for a man to marry someone who is not as smart as him as she would be less likely to challenge his decisions and create unnecessary conflicts. Additionally, marrying a less intelligent woman could lower the risk of infidelity as bright women often have more options due to their access to better opportunities.
From a psychological perspective, it has been argued that a less intelligent woman is also likely to be more dependent and vulnerable, thus making a relationship more secure and stable. Moreover, such a partner is less likely to engage in arguments and debates, leading to more cordial communication with her husband.

Arguments Against

On the other hand, opponents of the statement argue that it degrades and devalues women, portraying them as nothing more than objects for male satisfaction. Such views are seen as highly disrespectful of women, considering the fact that women have had to fight for centuries for equality and respect. Moreover, some people also believe that it is wrong to make a woman ‘inferior’ by marrying her just to meet certain expectations in terms of intelligence and academic credentials.
Furthermore, some people have argued that this kind of marriage may not be beneficial in the long run since people change and develop over time. A woman who may not have been perceived as intelligent when the couple first married may later become the smarter partner, thus creating an imbalance in the dynamics of the relationship.


The widespread acceptance of this controversial statement can have long-term effects on both men and women. On one hand, it can lead to a culture of subordination and servitude among women, who are seen as inferior to men. On the other hand, this culture can also lead to men becoming complacent and, believing that their partners are less intelligent than them, may not feel the need to engage with them in meaningful conversations or discussions.
In addition, adopting this view could cause more couples to break up due to misunderstandings and conflicts caused by differing levels of intelligence. This would also lead to an increase in divorce rates and more emotionally damaging consequences.

Societal Implications

The acceptance of this statement and its implications can also have several societal effects. Such views could lead to more gender-based discrimination and could reinforce existing gender stereotypes. Moreover, it could discourage girls from pursuing higher education and pursuing jobs, as they fear that it may lead to complexities in relationships.
The notion that only smart men should marry stupid women could also give rise to a culture wherein a woman’s worth is determined by the level of intelligence or academic qualification of her partner. This kind of culture would lead to an overall reduction in rights and opportunities for women, who would be seen as inferior in comparison to their male counterparts.

Scientific Perspective

Several studies have been conducted to gain further insights into the effects of this statement on human relationships. While most studies have shown that such a statement may not have a long-term effect on couples, they have also concluded that it could lead to some negative implications. For instance, it has been observed that men who subscribe to this statement tend to be more egocentric and demonstrate higher levels of authoritarianism in their relationships.
Moreover, it has been observed that women in such relationships often experience feelings of inferiority due to the discrepancy in intelligence, which can affect their self-confidence and their general wellbeing.

Religious Perspective

As far as religious views are concerned, most major religions have condemned the notion that a smart man should marry a stupid woman. Most religions believe in equality and respect for both genders and consider this an act of discrimination and disrespect. Additionally, religions also view marriage as a sacred institution and refuse to accept an act that is based on social hierarchies and superiority.
In Islam, for instance, the Prophet Mohammad strongly opposed this view and urged Muslim men to seek partners who had high morals and share similar beliefs regardless of their level of intelligence.

Modern Day Implications

In modern day society, the implications of this statement are still relevant. Even though women have made tremendous progress in terms of rights and education, the phrase is still seen as a way of objectifying women and reducing them to nothing more than sexual objects.
Furthermore, such a view could lead to unequal power dynamics and can make a woman feel disrespected and demeaned, whether consciously or unconsciously. We must make efforts to ensure that women are given equal opportunities and respect and do not get judged on the basis of their intelligence or academic credentials.
Therefore, the Adolf Hitler’s notion that a ‘smart man should marry a stupid woman’ should be rejected and it should be made clear that there is no place for such a view in our society.

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